SFAppeal's Eve Batey on work, life and San Francisco

Eve Batey is the editor and publisher of the San Francisco Appeal, the city's online newspaper. She's also an exceptionally engaging and interesting woman, and I was thrilled when she agreed to sit down with me for Became Today.

Although I promised Eve I just wanted to conduct a brief interview, we ended up talking for an hour about work, life, and the city-- we only stopped when we literally ran out of tape!

I've whittled our interview down to its best bits, which are split between two different 10 minute videos: On Work and On Life.

On Work highlights:
  • Her journey from working as an orthodontic chairside in Indiana to becoming one of San Francisco's most influential media figures
  • The worst career advice Eve's ever received
  • Which San Franciscans are the best to follow on Twitter
On Life highlights:
  • The city's best spot for coffee, cinnamon toast(!), and surfer-watching
  • Eve's New Year's resolution
  • Her favorite way to spend a Saturday
Needless to say, Eve is an incredibly busy person, so it was fantastic to get so much of her time and insight. Enjoy!

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