The Beach Chalet: A labor of love and "literal" legwork

Don't be fooled by the great location: San Francisco's adjoining restaurant/brewpubs Park Chalet and Beach Chalet are definitely not the tourist traps we've come to expect from oceanfront restaurants. As I found out with a recent visit, the Chalets attract a loyal following of locals with distinctive beers and tasty food (and great weeknight specials.)

Stella & Dot's Jessica Herrin on going beyond "mile two"

Burlingame-based custom jewelry company Stella & Dot recently nabbed the No. 67 spot on Inc. Magazine's annual list of the top 500 quickly-growing companies. I especially loved Inc.'s accompanying interview with Jessica DiLullo Herrin, Stella & Dot's founder and CEO. I had a feeling that she was a very interesting person and decided to search around a bit for more info on her.

Covet Boutique's Adrienne Wiley nominated for Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

If you liked my interview with Covet Boutique's Adrienne Wiley, you should head on over to the Women's Initiative website, where she's recently been nominated for the 2010 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

Sally and Jessica of Philanthropist, Part 2: Head-to-Toes and Personal Faves

Sally Fowler and Jessica Moment of Philanthropist Boutique aren't just amazing businesswomen-- they're also fun, down to earth, and impeccably dressed.

After our main interview, I pulled each aside for a quick outfit head-to-toe, and some personal questions about San Francisco, lifestyle and career.

Jessica and Sally of Philanthropist Boutique

Last month I met with Jessica Moment and Sally Fowler, the co-owners of Philanthropist, a gorgeous designer boutique in Presidio Heights. Philanthropist donates 100% of its profits-- yes, that's everything the shop makes beyond its operating costs-- to charities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Adrienne Wiley of Covet Boutique

I had *so* much fun talking with Adrienne Wiley last weekend, and I'm really excited to share these videos with you. Adrienne is the co-owner of Covet Boutique, a lovely shop in the Inner Richmond that sells locally handcrafted jewelry and other accessories.

Sunhee Moon on the perfect SF outfit

I've always admired the clean, classic clothes made by Sunhee Moon, the designer who owns two boutiques in the Mission and Pacific Heights. But I only recently learned about her total commitment to San Francisco.

Rosetta Costantino on bringing Calabria to California

I was lucky to land a spot in one of the frequently sold-out Cooking with Rosetta classes in Emeryville last weekend-- and between all the slicing and dicing,  Rosetta Costantino agreed to answer a few questions for Became Today.

SFAppeal's Eve Batey on work, life and San Francisco

Eve Batey is the editor and publisher of the San Francisco Appeal, the city's online newspaper. She's also an exceptionally engaging and interesting woman, and I was thrilled when she agreed to sit down with me for Became Today.

Think global, shop local

Obviously, buying stuff isn't the best or only way to give back-- but if you're going to shop anyway, it's nice to do it as conscientiously as possible. And SF's businesses have really stepped up to the plate to provide lots of cool ways to do just that.

"Please do not be cynical."

"All I ask is one thing, and this is-- I’m asking this particularly of young people that watch.

Please do not be cynical. I hate cynicism; for the record, it's my least favorite quality. It doesn't lead anywhere.

"I always tried to be fabulous."

I've heard stories about Roshambo, a quirky Sonoma winery an hour north of San Francisco. At their legendary parties, everyone gets dressed up and partakes in one of the most grown-up activities imaginable (wine tasting) while playing round after round of the quintessential kid's game (rock-paper-scissors.)

The Osha Thai sister act

The Chron published a fantastic article today about Osha Thai , the trendy locally-owned restaurant group that is opening its 7th location this week.

I had no idea the company was owned by two sisters who emigrated from Thailand and started Osha in the Tenderloin with a $30,000 investment-- while they were just in their 20s!

"You can't gloat when you're at the crest."

Poking around Pacific Heights this weekend, I came across "The New Fillmore," a new neighborhood newsletter.