Adrienne Wiley of Covet Boutique

I had *so* much fun talking with Adrienne Wiley last weekend, and I'm really excited to share these videos with you. Adrienne is the co-owner of Covet Boutique, a lovely shop in the Inner Richmond that sells locally handcrafted jewelry and other accessories.

Adrienne and her business partner Liza Anongchanya took a leap by opening their shop in June 2009, with the recession in full bloom. But their gamble has paid off, and then some-- Adrienne and Liza are set to open a second Covet location in Hayes Valley this month!

I've divided our interview into two ~5 minute long videos: On Covet Boutique and On Life.

Highlights from video one: 
  • What it's like to turn a friendship into a business partnership
  • Adrienne's path from selling jewelry out of her cubicle to owning two stores
  • Covet's unique pricing philosophy
Highlights from video two:
  • How Adrienne "worked up the courage" (or didn't!) to leave her corporate job
  • How she learned the ropes in a surprisingly unfriendly industry
  • Her advice to other would-be creative entrepreneurs

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