Sally and Jessica of Philanthropist, Part 2: Head-to-Toes and Personal Faves

Sally Fowler and Jessica Moment of Philanthropist Boutique aren't just amazing businesswomen-- they're also fun, down to earth, and impeccably dressed.

After our main interview, I pulled each aside for a quick outfit head-to-toe, and some personal questions about San Francisco, lifestyle and career.

Highlights from Jessica's video:
  • How she made the shift from being a full-time law student to a fashion/philanthropy entrepreneur-- in less than a year!
  • Jessica's favorite S.F. restaurants-- from a posh eatery in Presidio Heights to a tiny Thai food gem in the Outer Richmond
  • The business advice she's glad she didn't take
  • Her top tip for surviving New York Fashion Week

Highlights from Sally's video:
  • Sally's personal style icon
  • The spot in Tiburon where she takes all her out-of-town visitors
  • Her favorite San Francisco wine bars
  • The three things that are always in her purse


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